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A Bourne Shell Programming/Scripting Tutorial for learning about using the Unix shell. Learn Linux / Unix shell scripting by example along with the theory. I'll have you mastering Unix shell scripting in no time! Available right here on the World Wide Web.

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  1. Intro
  2. Philosophy
  3. A First Script
  4. Variables - Part I
  5. Wildcards
  6. Escape Characters
  7. Loops
  8. Test
  9. Case
  10. Variables - Part II
  11. Variables - Part III
  12. External Programs
  13. Functions
  14. Hints And Tips
  15. Quick Reference
  16. Interactive Shell
  17. Exercises

Steve Bourne (author of the Bourne Shell) says:
"he probably knows more about it than I do"

Doug Kramer (Java, says:
"When I started writing CGI script in Bourne shell on the Java team at Sun, I scoured the Internet for a good tutorial and used Steve Parker's guide, which I really like. Now that I've moved to Google and switched to Linux and bash, I've decided to use it as the basis for an in-house introductory course on bash scripting here at Google for our tech writers. I highly recommend it as accurate and written at the right level, plus it includes a useful reference"


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Steve's Bourne / Bash shell scripting tutorial
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