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Sun 27th Jul 2008 @ 01:04 2008: DNS Cache Poisoning ... new?

Not sure I understand this, nor do I have time to investigate, but it sounds either very serious or quite trivial. (and update

It seems worth mentioning, though. I don't run any DNS servers at the moment, but if you do, it may be worth checking it out. Dan Kaminsky (IOActive) and Paul Vixie (ISC) have both put their names to this report, so it does appear credible.

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Sat 26th Jul 2008 @ 23:47 2008: Oh Well, Oh Dear

Who said Debian developers are elitist? Goodies from LugRadioLive included:

CDs of ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition (oh well) and openSUSE 11.0 (oh dear)

But it's so true!

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Mon 21st Jul 2008 @ 15:23 2008: Identity Theft

Mitchell and Webb on "Identity Theft"

"They took all the money? That sounds more like a bank robbery" ... "I'm not clear why you think it's my identity that was stolen, rather than your money?"

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Sat 19th Jul 2008 @ 18:01 2008: Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch - launch hogs into space!

It was linked from UserFriendly the other day... so far, my best is 9 days to get a hog into space!

I realised that I was doing this wrong; it is a publicly-funded project with no deadlines, no penalties, and increasing funding for successive failure. The actual goal is not to get into space in the shortest amount of time, but to earn the most money for the project without actually achieving the specified targets. I made $1m in 28 days...


Fri 18th Jul 2008 @ 15:22 2008: FF3 and Gnome Network Manager

Offline Mode

FireFox 3 queries the nm-applet utility to see if it should start in Online mode or Offline mode.

nm-applet is supposed to make the network connection "Just Work"™ however you are connected. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to know about my wireless card (Intel 4965AGN) nor my wired card (Broadcom 5906), and why should it? That is the kernel's problem.

So it always reports that there is no wireless network, and that the wired network is down, which means that Firefox always starts in Offline mode. Rather irritating, to say the least.

The only solution seems to be to remove nm-applet itself; Firefox is now quite happy to start in Online mode as it should do.


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Mon 14th Jul 2008 @ 23:15 2008: Firefox 3

Firefox 3Early days with Firefox 3... there have been lots of negative comments about it, particularly to do with the seemingly unconsidered unsigned-SSL-certificate situation.

Today's experience with it was a tough one (to be fair, and specific, Debian Lenny currently has 3.0~rc2.2; Also, Debian rebrands FireFox as IceWeasel for legal reasons, hence the reference to "IceWeasel" in the screenshot).

To its credit, the "OK" dialog couldn't be activated, but I really wasn't sure what I was being asked to decide!

FWIW, the link I was trying to download was WFM's Alternative Zone, Part 2, from last Sunday 13th July. Retrying the operation worked as expected; I suspect that the webserver was missing some crucial header, not FF3's fault at all, but the dialog is somewhat vague.

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Thu 10th Jul 2008 @ 01:32 2008: Shattered Dreams

I'm sure I posted this already....

Courtesy of F1 Losers League

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Tue 1st Jul 2008 @ 23:20 2008: Google Adsense Referrals: Good Riddance

We're retiring Adsense Referrals

Google SmutGood riddance to bad rubbish... actually, worse than that; these things have been putting filth on this website, without my consent, and evidently on many others also. The usual ability to block a specific advertiser was not available for Referral adverts; Google would simply take any Referral adblock, and put whatever paid them the best for the placement on your website... that usually seemed to be "chinese girls for marriage", or something similar, which - far from Google's mantra of "Don't be evil", seems rather close to the slave trade.

This has been a real pain for a reputable website trying to make some small revenue from Google adverts; I am glad to see that the entire programme has been abandoned; it was an easy way for low-quality advertisers to get their images onto high-quality websites.

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