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Thu 31st Mar 2011 @ 23:52 2011: Thanks for all the feedback

shell bookHaving only just started mentioning the upcoming book, it is really encouraging to get feedback from readers already; to name a few then Peggy, Daniel, Mel, Brian, I'm looking at you in particular.
It is really good to know that people are so interested in shell programming, and that the stuff on this site (and so hopefully more so the stuff in the book) is useful on a regular basis, that makes it worth coming back here again and again.

So thanks again for such enthusiastic feedback, I just hope that the book lives up to expectations ;-)

Again, the chapter outline is online at - if there is anything that you would like to see added or clarified, it is not too late to get your personal pet peeve mentioned. Similarly, if you have a very specific question, now would be a great time to ask me ( because addressing real-world situations (as well as covering all of the theory) is what is supposed to set this book apart from the rest. Even if it doesn't get covered in the book, I am in a frame of mind at the moment where I am very interested in all sorts of obscure shell situations, so your question is likely to pique my curiosity whether or not it is relevant to the book. So, if in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Thu 31st Mar 2011 @ 00:54 2011: Table of Contents - Shell Scripting Recipes

Having passed the 75% stage of the writing process, I am now reasonably comfortable with posting the provisional Table of Contents at That is on the company (SGP IT) website purely because it is easiest from an HTML standpoint.

I have already had some encouraging feedback from a few readers of the shell scripting tutorial, so I think that I should put a single page together for the purposes of putting out information about the book, collating these blog posts, the TOC, links to information about the book, and once it comes out, to reviews and follow-up material too. is that page. It redirects to the above-mentioned SGP IT website, which has a much better design than this 1990s created-in-vim website. It should in time collate all relevant links and information about the book, including current and future blog posts from here, twitter feeds from the publisher, and so on.

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Sun 6th Mar 2011 @ 00:03 2011: LibreOffice update

A few weeks ago, The Register wrote up a talk on LibreOffice by Michael Meeks. I have been reviewing regularly since, but finally found it at - it is a frank 54-minute talk on where LibreOffice currently stands, and I found it very interesting. If only the FOSDEM website was accurate about where to find the talks, the timestamp says that this has been available since 15th February. Oh well, it is still an interesting talk, and wget -r -nc -np seems to work...

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Thu 3rd Mar 2011 @ 00:20 2011: World Cup

Who would have thought that I would have known anything at all about the World Cup qualification progress? It happened to suit a good example for Shell Scripting Recipes so I have spent an evening learning about how the process works. Basically, you play every country in your group, and the results of those games determines who goes on to the later stages.

shell scripting recipesNot too shabby to put each country into a group, arrange games such that each country plays against every other country in their group, and get that coded in 53 lines of code. It even tries to ensure that the players don't get too tired by playing too many consecutive games.

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