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Sun 16th Sep 00:39 2007: McLaren - more details

World MotorSport Council Decision (PDF, 14 pages).

official Formula 1 Website's summary

What seems to have happened:

Nigel Stepney (Ferrari) was passing information on to Mike Coughlan. He emailed (some of?) it on to test driver Pedro de la Rosa (at de la Rosa's request, for testing purposes). de la Rosa forwarded it to Alonso. There are no claims that it went into the engineering team(s), nor that it was used in any tests; it is suggested that there were (unsurprisingly) technical reasons for this, if nothing else. (Ahem, a bit like the SCO UNIX / Linux case, but I digress...)

When Hamilton threw his toys out of the pram, and messed up Alonso's track position in Hungary, Alonso threw his toys out of the pram (these are racing drivers, after all - egos more fragile than eggshells!) and told Ron that he'd splill the beans on McLaren to the FIA if Ron didn't give him preference over Hamilton in the team.

Ron didn't know about any of the "car porn" being shared between the drivers, called Alonso's bluff, and told him to go right ahead. He called Max Moseley (FIA President) to tell him to expect empty claims from Alonso.

The FIA offered all three drivers immunity in exchange for their email traffic, which Alonso and de la Rosa accepted (Hamilton seems to have declined, but appears to have been out of the loop anyway). That evidence was then used to fine McLaren $100m plus Constructors Championship points.

Alonso still stands a good chance of winning the Drivers Championship, despite having effectively admitted to sharing trade secrets.

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