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Tue 25th Sep 00:18 2007: Painting the bikeshed

Don't fork Linux because of Linus, on, is a silly title to a sensible article.

"I suspect that the issue is that the scheduler is one of the few things that a lot of people think they understand what it is doing. Schedulers are easy to argue about, and so people get into what the BSD people call 'painting the bikeshed'; there's a lot of discussion about the issue just because everybody feels competent to talk about it.

It would appear that somebody is trying to create an impression of a rift, where none exists. I recall readily applying Con's patches a few years ago, whilst acknowledging that I wouldn't suggest them for servers (let's keep the word "enterprise" out of it for now).

If Con continues his series of desktop-oriented patches, that'd be great. If he chooses not to, it's his choice - but someone else may wlll pick up the mantle. Desktop-specific tweaks are great. Hard-coding the kernel for desktop-only features would be a Bad Thing.

I have not heard any commentary suggesting any particular code which would be contentious in this regard.
Absent any actual code to discuss, would the press please STFU

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