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Tue 10th Feb 23:29 2009: Shell Script: GetCluster

Sun's Solaris OS provides various options during installation, one of which is that you get to choose one from a set of installation "clusters" - sets of packages which go together to create a functional minimal install, or additional packages useful for an end-user, or programmer, up to "install the whole lot" (which doesn't actually install everything; some packages are only installed if you choose certain language options). It calls these "software groups":
Solaris Package Options

The split is not very clearly defined, and I have yet to find an online list to say what packages will be installed for a given package cluster.

This shell script does not address that problem.

But it does address something quite similar.

For some work I happen to be doing at the moment, it is quite useful to be able to find out what installation options will be sufficient to get a certain package installed. If I want (say) the Apache 1.3 packages, this will tell me that I need SUNWCprog, SUNWCall or SUNWCXall. With GNU Grep, it is rather more informative - it describes each installation cluster in more detail, and gives package and version details for the selected package:

$ ./ SUNWapchr
SUNWapchr is in cluster SUNWCapache
Apache Web Server
The Apache Web Server
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

=> Installation Cluster(s):

Entire Distribution plus OEM support
A pre-defined software configuration consisting of all software included in the operating system release, plus OEM platform support.

Entire Distribution
A pre-defined software configuration consisting of all software included in the operating system release.

Developer System Support
A pre-defined software configuration consisting of the typical software used by software developers.

So we know we could install SUNWCprog ("Developer System Support") or better and get the Apache 1.3 package.

If you find it useful, then great. It's probably saved me half an hour, but taken me half an hour to write up...

You can get the script, and a sample clustertoc file here:

Comments for 'Shell Script: GetCluster'

Wed 11 Feb 2009 @ 22:11 GMT : Steve Parker
Ben Charlton has contacted me to point out that Glen Brunette at Sun has written the far more complete SPC Solaris Package Companion.

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