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Fri 28th Sep 22:53 2007: Pigs and blogs and Naked dwarves - the bizarre world of Microsoft

An interesting post mentions why a language was named "KEEP" - "It's not an acronym, I just found a good way not to have people throw program listings away was if the header page said 'KEEP' in big letters", and "a product which is still secret, and referring to the next product which is so hush-hush they've code named it 'Shshhhh'"

But the really interesting stuff is the Naked Dwarves:

"If you don't get a naked dwarf in my office by this afternoon, I'm coming over there to get one for myself", which was heard in a Microsoft office, and - this is important - the blogger had permission from Legal, to publish this quote on his blog.

Here's why:

It was in the process of explaining the importance of context that a lawyer from our games division told us the following - which he was happy for me to retell. In making modern video games it's now quite common to make clay sculptures of the characters. These characters are dressed in their costume so that the clothes look right - which matters if the digitized image of the figure appears in the final game; underneath the characters are naked. The characters also need to be seen by people from legal, and during the production of Shadowrun they had to check out the figures of Naked Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Trolls. It was in this context that a lawyer came to demand a naked dwarf in his office. Not that the person who overheard him necessarily understood that at the time ...

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