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Thu 27th Jul 23:26 2006: Purty Picshures

Because I was bored, there's now a graphical image on most pages (well, /wishlist, /urandom, /forum and /sh as well as / itself).

I'm sure I've broken stuff for your browser; I have to admit that I've only tested with FireFox and IE6 (which threw up some strange errors to start with). The w3c HTML validator only comes up with 4 errors on the homepage, which is pretty good by my standards.

The text effect was created by the Gimp, which I am determined to learn to use properly; many thanks to linuxchix for the essential hint I needed for a previous attempt (using the clone tool, which was moderately succesful but rather unpredictable with the samples of crayon scribbles I was using).

Comments for 'Purty Picshures'

Thu 27 Jul 2006 @ 23:40 GMT :
your graphics look pretty good, and I'm only slightly broken - There's now a horiz scroll bar on your urandom pages

GIMP is excellent though... I'm still learning, but I managed to create these nice(ish) looking 'starfields' with it..
Thu 27 Jul 2006 @ 23:59 GMT : Steve Parker
I can live with that
There's a vertical scrollbar, too

Great images; I have absolutely no graphical / artistic skills at all, and (as always when I see any CGI) no idea how you managed it.

At school I did "Graphic Design", which meant "Drawing stuff with rulers and protractors", I think - I learned various ways of finding the middle of a circle using protractors and a 30/60 setsquare, and suchlike. Always got marked down because my guidelines were still visible.

Still, when it comes to cool graphics, you can't beat writing on water - I can see that in a corporate foyer, displaying the company logo in a pool... make sure that people can reach in and touch the water to ensure that they realise just how cool it is. Who cares if it takes 15-30 seconds to render a new image? Stick with the one logo, or - if each display lasts for 120 seconds, a 30-second (presumably "white-noise" fuzz between images could even add to the cool-factor... what's it showing next?

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