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Thu 18th Jun 23:11 2009: Win AUD$10,000

Debian Developer Martin Krafft aka madduck has it right: this $10,000 IE8 competition is a sign of:

  1. proof, that Microsoft still rulez the browser market?

  2. a pathetic admission that they lost?

  3. an advertising about standards-noncompliance?

Comments for 'Win AUD$10,000'

Thu 25 Jun 2009 @ 20:14 GMT :
Is this thing photoshopped or actually for real? It seems unbelievable even from Microsoft... Anyway I would say that most strongly it's a sign of the third option, bit second one is would be ok too if it were not still the most useb web browser for average users (depending on country though, here in Finland IE in actually not the most used browser anymore and has not been for some time - see my blogging: , don't let the name fool you, this post does mention the situation in Finland and IE7 too).

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