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The WishList is a way to list things you'd like to have, in a way in which you can tell your friends and family what you would actually like to receive for Christmas, for your Birthday, or just as a general like-to-have for someone who appreciates you to give you a little something.

You can

This is a free service. It's useful for me and my friends-and-family. There seems to be no harm in making it available to the net in general. It offers the features which I find useful, which other wishlist offerings may lack. If you want a feature to be added (or removed), please let me know.

See below for Privacy Policy. In a nutshell, I do not share your details with anyone, other than who you are and what you want. You can see what is visible from my own wishlist (opens in a new window). No personally identifiable information is given away. For friends / family to change the status of anything on your WishList, they must correctly answer one of your personal questions (eg, "what is my pet called?" - you set the questions), so there is no chance of strangers changing your list.

When browsing the internet, to use the Firefox plugin, just right-click on a picture and choose "Add To Wishlist" from the drop-down menu.
You will be taken to the WishList page, where you can add the price, and put whatever comments or notes you like. This will help your friends and family to know why you want the item... you could also suggest other similar things you may like instead. It's totally up to you.

Search You can
. newYou now can subscribe to their RSS feed, to automatically get updates when they add new lists, or when they add / remove items.
Simply click the RSS icon next to their name.
FireFox Users of the FireFox web browser can download this plugin which allows you to add items to your WishList as you browse the web. Check the FireFox Updates page for news on updates to this plugin.
FireFox 3.0 Update: FireFox 3 refuses to upgrade the WishList 0.4 plugin, due to a policy change in FireFox 3. You will need to uninstall the plugin and reinstall the latest version, which includes changes to keep FireFox 3 happy.
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer users can now drag this Add To WishList link to the Favourites folder, to get much the same functionality. However, this is less regularly updated. Upgrading to Firefox is recommended.

You can check the latest updates here. Please report any bugs / improvements / anything else.


Create an account (it's free) and create your wishlist.

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