nixCraft Facebook Crypto Scam

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On 1st Nov 2022, a fake Facebook account, (remove the XXX_ for the real link) shared my facebook profile picture, with the comment "hello active user Congratulations 🎁🎁 You have been selected as one of the active users who will receive a crypto bonus reward in the crypto airdrop event we are hosting. All you have to do is send a direct message to claim and receive your crypto bonus reward instantly."

That didn't sound like the Vivek Gite who I know, and who runs the nixCraft website, Twitter, Facebook and other profiles, so I engaged cautiously with the request. I started with vague-ish questions about "the industry" just in case it really was him. It clearly wasn't. I should have known to check the actual details, though it soon became apparent.

The RedHat/CentOS/Rocky Linux issue isn't a huge debate, but it's a topic that only a Linux geek, such as Vivek or myself, would have much awareness of. The scammer didn't know, and was keen to move the conversation on to Cryptocurrency instead.

I did a tiny google search, found Report: Binance Faces Scrutiny as Ponzi Mobile Apps Scam Surfaces amongst some other red flags

Anyway, I then reported it to Facebook. I had alerted the lovely Vivek at nixCraft, whose Facebook profile was being impersonated, as soon as I heard of the scam, of course.