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Some comments from those strange people out in Cyberspace about my Bourne / BASH Shell Scripting Tutorial ...

I am learning shell scripting.
Your ShellScripting examples are very useful to me.

Thank you,

i am big fan of your tutorial.The way,you have dictated each and every topic is just amazing.
for a beginner like me,who just started learning shell scripting,this tutorial is of great help.


Really nice tutorial! I read it today
I just started a new job recently which meant getting a bit more intense on the shell scripting side of things... Yours was one of the first (and most easy-to-follow) tutorials I came across and I find myself returning again and again if there's something I feel the need to brush up on.

Therefore when I read that you're writing a new book, well, let's say I was 'happy inside'.
I just came across your site via Google search. I read your shell scripting tutorial and so far I can say that it is the best I have seen on the web.

We have recently acquired Oracle's Exadata server which runs on Linux. I am a database administrator and wanted to quickly get up to speed on Linux shell scripting. I am not a total novice but have never written extensive shell scripts.

I was searching (using Google) for various syntactic variations that I see in sample scripts but could not find any tutorial with clear explanation. Typically like the difference between $VAR and ${VAR}.

By chance, I opened your web site and found the shell scripting tutorial so engrossing that I read all 17 chapters in one day (most with hands on testing of sample scripts). The material is presented in a very lucid manner.

I just could not help writing an e-mail of appreciation for all your hard work which has helped me a lot in understanding some of the nuances of shell scripting. I look forward to your book.

Best regards,
Arun Gupta

I'm reading your tutorial which helps me understanding shellScript a lot more.
Your tutorial is good and is helping me to learn something I am missing. Thank you for the tutorial.
I must say your website is awesome!! Was a lot helpful in learning shell-scripting!! Thank you.
Atharva Tere
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology(pursuing)

I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for writing the bash tutorial on your site. On Friday I started reading it with hardly any prior knowledge, and by the end of the day, I'd completed the script I needed to write - a routine to update public_html dirs in all users' home directories with certain files from /home/TEMPLATE/.
The task involved cycling through home directories, selectively copying files, and changing file ownership depending on the user. I thought it was going to be very complicated, and I've gotten lost with many bash tutorials before, but yours was great. So thanks a lot. You da man.
As someone who has been using *nix for quite a while, I was ready to take the next step into more detailed scripting. I found your site quickly through a google search, and found it to be very complete. After working through many of the examples, I decided to compare your tutorial to others I might find on the web. I have not found any that are as complete as yours. I have since shared your site with many other developers, and they have found it very useful as well.

For those looking for a site to get a good introduction to programming in the shell, and some of it's special considerations, this is a GREAT place to begin. Having the tutorial and so many different scripts to compare, use, and tweak for further learning, has been a great help.

Keep up the good work.

Dear Steve Parker,
I would like to thank you for the help I got from your web site. As such I am working as an DBA (Oracle) in a company.
Steve this is really good. You know I have the book Learning Shell Progrmming BASH, It is very boring and I didn't like it at all. But after I found your web site I am much more motivated to learn SHELL programming, because your language is easy and your examples are very easy and good to understand.

Thank you very much for such a good job.

Well Done

Steve, I just want to congratulate u on a very good presentation of the shell scripts on your web site. Unix is a passion for me and I did get a lot of new stuff on your site.
Thanks for the Bourne Shell Tutorial on!
It is clear and concise.
Best regards,
I'm currently teaching a couple of summer school computer classes, and I wanted to let you know that your Borne Shell Tutorial has been a great help. I was able to point a couple of my more motivated students, who had expressed an interest in programming, at the tutorial and let them work through it. Both are now writing shell scripts and showing a solid grasp of the material.
Also, I found it to be a great introduction for myself; I've done some programming in C, C++, and in Java (along with a smattering of other languages), but never had a solid introduction to shell programming--my experience with shell programs focused largely on trudging through startup scripts to figure out what was realling going on in routing tables and whatnot. However, by reading your tutorial and being able to look back at it, I've been able to actually understand a lot more of what those scripts are doing, as well as write a couple of my own.
Thanks for the excellent shell scripting tutorial. It's been a long while since I've written anything in sh and your page was an excellent refresher course. Not too mention, I learned a couple of new tricks while I was there, too. Thank you again for taking the time to make that available via the web.
--- Dave Montgomery
Hi Steve,
I've recently used your tutorial and I find it very helpful. I've looked all over and yours happens to be the easiest to understand. Thanks alot and good luck with your programming!
I've searched the web---your's is the BEST!!
great tutorial!

Just a quick note to say thanks for your tutorial on Shell scripting.
I am somewhat new to Unix, having been an NT Admin for many years.
Out of nowhere I got dropped into my lap a 2 million dollar project which we had set up, mostly run on Unix.
The guy they hired to manage it, and the Unix admin both got canned and they wanted me to manage the whole thing.

Mainly I manage NT Boxes, program in Perl, VB, some Java, and I am also the data base engineer and admin.
I am a strong believer in automating things using programming (the new version of PERL with the Win32 wraps makes life a heckuva lot easier!) and this new set of systems we have is in desperate need of some good programming. 6 Sun servers and 2 NT boxes all working together for a CTI system in a call center - if the IVR or any box has problems it can affect our service greatly.

Thanks to you and your quick tutorial I am able to throw together the scripts I need to assist me in my job. Keep up the excellent work! Got anything on C ;)

Hi Steve,

I haven't been in Unix for over two and half years as I was made redundant from the position I had - fairly junior, but looked adter an RS6000 and informix database of which I was given no training for over a year - and found it difficult to get a position that wasn't either very technical or too senior.

I don't have any scritping experience as such as all the scripts were in place by my predessor - I was responsible for editing files, backups, sql's, file space etc.


I have found a site that is both easy to understand and very informative - It's an area I would like to move back in to

have you thought about writing a text book?



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