Steve's Shell Programming Comments

Overly Vague

Why on earth are you asking me? When you do find someone to ask, please specify language, environment, OS, etc.


Go away, Igor. I do not indulge those who want to break or compromise systems they do not own.


Err... what? You want regular updates of my CV? Why?

Feed me code

The site is full of examples. There are more in /code/sh/. You're not getting any special treatment just because you call me "Respected Sir".

Your site...


Classic college student

Frankly, I do not believe your claim that you are not a 17yr-old college student, but whoever you are, I don't do your coursework for you.



Brain Dump

Unlike some Brits, I've no problem with outsourcing skills to India. Doing peoples' career development for them, for free, is not something I do, though.


Not as simple as it might sound, if you include C and C++ style comments. Go away and do your own homework.


Eh? Sounds like a call waiting issue with dialup, but I don't do PC support.
Hall of Shame
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