24th December 2005: Toy Story

For reasons I won't bore you with, various of my friends have been talking about "the song from Toy Story" recently. I saw Toy Story in the cinema when it was released (and made a point of going to a cinema projecting it from digital, so the image had never been on film!), and have watched it closely many times since. However, this talk about a song had me really puzzled. Is there a song?!

My wife bought the 10th anniversary DVD re-release today, and there is, indeed, a song (You've Got A Friend In Me). Being a geek, I had barely paid any attention to the plot, let alone any extraneous stuff like music. Every time I saw it, I just saw more detail in the animation and, particularly, the rendering (both good and bad points), but mainly being amazed by the level of detail.

It's a revelation to find out that there's music, characters and a plot, too!

It's also rather scary to see a 3-year-old see the Disney logo at the start of the film and announce, "Oh, look, it's the same as Winnie the Pooh!" - the way they get the branding in (especially, it seems, with the format and reduced parental control with DVDs) so young.

25th December 2005: It's Chriiiiiiistmas!

At this joyous time, lea us not forget that Christmas is not just a celebration of this:
twee picture of ickle baby Jesus
(aah, sweet).

But that this miraculous birth led to this:

brutal depiction of blood-streaked man carrying cross
(not so sweet, but closer to real life)

And His death and resurrection for the sake of all humanity.

Random blog - December 2005
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