Alcatel SpeedTouch USB Modem - Linux Configuration : About

Having written a short script to configure the Alcatel USB Modem under Linux, I've had a few people contact me about it, so here's a SourceForge page for it.

This project is complementary to the SpeedTouch.SourceForge.Net project, but is not directly related to it, and the SpeedTouchConf project should not be confused with the SpeedTouch project.

Linux Kernel 2.6 contains a driver (speedtch) for the speedtouch modem - I have not tested its stability, or compatability with SMP (multi-processor) systems. The speedtouch driver unloads the 2.6 speedtch module if found, as the two are incompatible. This driver's compatability with 2.6 is still under test.

For the history, see history for a basic rundown.