Steve's Linux Tips

This is the place for small, cool, interesting or just noteworthy Linux-based tips.

They also tend to be shared with the UK Linux Facebook page.

I do, less frequently, write longer articles, at

I also have some Shell Scripting Tips, which you might find interesting.




Fun Stuff

  • Linux Quotes - Funny, witty and/or clever quotes about Linux
  • Zombies - UNIX: Zombies, and the Killing of Parents and Children

These should accumulate over time, to become a library of the useful, the quirky and the just plain odd.

Check out the new Shell Scripting Tutorial at

I have written some books, all of which are available in Paperback and eBook formats. You can get my Shell Scripting Tutorial securely through Amazon as an 88-page Paperback or eBook; if you want more meat, my 564-page book Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and more goes into more detail, with in-depth example code. I have also written some other books on related subjects, too:



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