Technical Articles by Myself

NOW TV won't pause - anecdotal information about how I fixed the Pause feature on my NOW TV stick8th Nov 2021
Drunk Explanation of TCP and HTTP - alternative answer to a tired interview question14th June 2020
Coronavirus and Bluetooth - Suggestions for how contact tracing can be done without violating privacy or security1st May 2020
Daily Fail - How to stop yourself accidentally clicking on a 'Daily Mail' article.30 August 2018
Halt and Catch Fire - A rant about IP addresses and Domain Names used in broadcast TV programmes.07 March 2018
Shellshock - A Worked Example26 Sep 2014
Solaris pkgtrans20 Dec 2007
Linux Encrypted Filesystems with LUKS20 Oct 2007
Reverse Engineering the MS Publisher File FormatApril-June 2007
Solaris as a Virtual Machine under WindowsApril 2007
The futility of ID Cards April 2007
Password Advice and Password Generator Jan 2007
Gimp Transparency Dec 2006
WebHosting - Diary of a WebsiteMay 2005
Solaris Zones2005
Solaris LiveUpgrade 2005
Ownership of Music2005
Lego - Lego: An Analogy of Free Software2001
God - How can you take that seriously?!2000

Walks, Holidays, etc

Not technical articles, but writeups of walks, collections of photos, etc.

The Three Peaks of Cheshire - A writeup of a walk in Cheshire, England.23 July 2017
Photography - A page for my photography.June 2019
Loch Lomond - A holiday in Scotland, 2019.June 2019
Shutlingsloe - A walk up Shutlingsloe, July 2019.13 July 2019

Articles by Others

Nelson Pit Walks, from Cheshire East Council
Converting a UNIX .COM Site to Windows - Old Microsoft internal whitepaper. See also

Linux Kernel Management Style - Good advice for all managers of technical teams.

Free Software, Free Society - Selected Essays of Richard M Stallman (PDF)

Open Sources - Voices from the Open Source software revolution

In the Beginning was the Command Line (Neal Stephenson)

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