Alcatel SpeedTouch USB Modem - Linux Configuration : Developers Needed

Developers are needed, otherwise this project will wither, and quite possibly die.

The SpeedTouch driver now contains much of the functionality previously provided by this project.
( ./configure && make && make install && speedtouch-setup )

This site remains active, because speedtouchconf offers some things that the speedtouch script does not (detecting defaultrouters, existing speedtch modules, etc), but the speedtouch script does things that this speedtouchconf does not yet do (specifically, working with 2.6-based distro's reliably).

Obviously, all feedback about the SpeedTouch project should be sent to the SpeedTouch team, not to me.

Anyone wanting to contribute to this project is most welcome - in translations, comments, code, documentation, getting involved in the forum, etc etc ... Most of the functionality of this script is now covered by the main driver install process, therefore the usefulness of this script is reduced.

It has been pointed out that this script currently deals with things like defaultrouters, existing speedtch modules, and a few similar nicities better than the speedtouch-setup script, but overall, users are recommended to go to speedtouch.sourceforge.net for their modem configuration needs.

This project will not necessarily die, if such useful features are not incorporated into the main tree, and people find them essential.

However, it is likely that support will be less rapidly available, as I spend my time on other projects.

I have little interest in 2.6 kernels, and certainly no interest in the latest Linux distro's - my firewall is a 433MHz Celeron, and simply cannot install Mandrake 10, SuSE9.1, etc, so I am unable to verify problems reported by these users. This is now the main work of the project - getting it working reliably with the latest distro's: there is no problem with 2.4 based systems at all.

Anybody with an interest in the project, a little interest in Linux 2.6 would be handy, and the hardware (modern PC with diskspace to spare to install random distro's onto) is most welcome to deal with the problems reported on the Forum.

Simply Contact me.