Post Four - 9 June 2007

NOTE: Raw files here. In particular, I needed yet another slightly tweaked phtml.c file. The only interesting output files are outfile1.html, outfile5.html and outfile6.html.
I did the simplest test I could... because the filename is stored in the document, I wanted, even, to eliminate that difference. I want two absolutely identical files:
  1. Create New, A4 Portrait Document.
  2. File/Save, call it ""
  3. File/Save -- just so that it doesn't go through the "new file: name it" process this time, since it won't do next time
  4. C:> copy -- I've got a backup. is the same as
  5. File/Save -- save again, over the top of itself.
So, is the first-saved document, and was saved seconds after it.
After blocking out the major discrepancies: You can see this more clearly in sync.html.
So, by eliminating these (the first of which I can at least name: For some reason, it saves the filename in VFAT or 8.3 format, and the second of which I cannot explain - 142 bytes of "something"), we get down to 198 bytes different between the files. unexplained diffs (198 bytes)
Of these, 35 are the remaining differences between the filenames:
C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\My Documents\
So, we have 163 bytes which still differ between the two files, which I cannot explain at all: misc diffs (163 bytes)